Yoga Akasha is a tranquil space that offers a wonderful private setting in the heart of Oratia West Auckland to experience the teachings of Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation for one to one sessions or small private groups by Yoga Teacher Lamanda.

Lamanda will adapt the Yoga lessons to suit individual needs from beginners to the more advanced students who may wish to take their Yoga studies a little deeper to delve into the more spiritual aspects of Yoga and learn Meditation.

Lamanda also teaches “Relaxation Therapy” which utilises the technique of Yoga Nidra to offer an experience of total relaxation for people who may be at a stage of their life where relaxing  is difficult and this maybe inducing further distress and other health issues. More information about Yoga Nidra can be found on the Relaxation page.


Akasha is the omnipresent transcendent eternal source of all energy, the realm of promise, potential, paths to be walked and the primal source that creates and nourishes the other four elements, Fire, Earth, Air and Water.