Anja Chakra – Third Eye Chakra




It is through our mind’s eye that the truth is revealed to us




Sanskrit Meaning – Command

Anja chakra can be seen as a violet (or silver grey) lotus flower with 2 petals.  The location of Anja Chakra is in the centre of head right behind the space between the eyebrows.  It is the centre for our  knowledge, direct perception or inner vision. It is also the command centre for all of the Chakras below it in the Sushuma Nadi.

In a spiritual practise of awakening Chakras, Anja Chakra needs to be awakened first in order to have control over the lower Chakras so that our mind can come to understand/control the experiences that occur during the awakening process.

On physical level our bodies are made up of the elements, earth, water, fire, air and ether and by having an awareness of these elemental qualities within,  brings us closer to fully understanding the experiences we have in order to give us an opportunity of learning from those experiences to improve our life.

The Elemental Quality of the Mind in Anja Chakra

The elemental quality of Anja Chakra is the mind and it can be compared to light. we can feel illuminated when inspiration comes to us, to light up the mind with our imagination, ideas & creative thoughts.  We can sometimes feel that we have an inner guiding light that shows us out of darkness to have an “aha’ moment where things now seem clearer.

Anja Chakra is also known to be our psychic centre where our intuitive abilities can develop. This is often referred to as the Third Eye and when awakened is able to see into other realms and dimensions and can have a direct access to esoteric knowledge and truths of the universe.

If the energy of Anja Chakra is balanced we can sense vibrational changes, feel elation, contentment, have a sense of freedom, have an inner knowing without knowing why or how we know. We are opened minded and fully relate to the endless possibilities of our existence. We can develop psychic abilities.   If the energy becomes unbalanced, our inner knowledge is limited, we can become closed minded, dogmatic, have no trust or faith, are too intellectual and lack creativity, become a slave/ victim to our own thoughts and can experience feelings of alienation and despair.

The animal associated to Anja Chakra is a black antelope signifying journeying into inner realms, trust, truth and vision.

The organs linked to Anja in the body is the brain and the sensory organ is the mind.

Anja Energy Balancing Asana’s

Seated mediation poses, Lotus Pose (Padmasana), Thunderbolt Pose (Vajrasana), Intoxicating Bliss Pose (Ananda Madirasana)

Anja Energy Balancing with Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra & Mantra

Pranayama: All Pranayama practices

Bandha: Great Lock (Maha Bandha)