Manipura Chakra – Solar Chakra





By keeping our inner fire burning steady, a strong will and determination is borne to create a life that benefits all.




Sanskrit Meaning – City of Jewels

Manipura Chakra is located in the spine directly behind the navel. It can be seen as a beautiful bright Yellow lotus flower with 10 petals. It is our solar centre, our inner sun of willpower, energy and strength.  The elemental quality of Manipura chakra is fire, signifying energy and heat.

The Elemental Quality of Fire in Manipura Chakra 

In the body the firequality stimulates and regulates the process of digestion, appetite, thirst and sleep.  The aspect of fire has the ability to destroy and create something new.  Agni the god of fire is seen as a great purifier and transformer of negative energy into positive energy. Manipura Chakra can also be seen to as the centre where all our experiences we have during our life are also digested, absorbed to be cleansed, purified for transformation.  

Our Fire energy is generated in the abdominal area for the rest of the body to use by our biochemical digestive process, each chemical reaction is like a fire of transformation from one form to another.  The quality of our digestion of food is a good indicator of how the fire energy is working in the body.

The animal associated to this chakra is a Ram, signifying pure strength, determination, motivation and will power.

When the fire energy is balanced we feel full of vitality, enthusiasm, joy and feel empowered to create something new and have a strong gut instinct. 

When there is an imbalance in the fire energy and the fire may be too strong,  we can feel angry, violent, over dominant, self- centred and over competitive.  If we don’t have enough fire energy we can feel tired, uncreative,  submissive, lack confidence/self-worth in ourselves. Have no direction and can have tendencies for addictions because we feel a sense of emptiness needing to be filled.

The organs linked to Manipura Chakra in the body are the digestive organs and the organ of action is the feet. The sensory organ is the eyes for vision.

Fire Energy Balancing with Asana’s

Asanas that work the stomach area. Twists, backward bends.  Sequences that generate heat in the body such as Sun Salutation. Cobra Pose (Bhjangasana), Bow Pose (Dhanurasana), Fish Pose (Matyasana), Plough Pose(Halasana), Bridge Pose, (Setuasana), Wheel Pose (Chakraasana), Warrior Pose (Virabhadrasana).

Fire Energy Balancing with Pranayama, Bandha Mudra & Mantra

Pranayama: Bellows Breath (Bhastrika), Abdominal Breathing, Frontal Brain Cleansing Breath (Kapalbati) 

Bandha: Abdominal Contraction (Iddiyanna), Great Lock (Maha Bandha)

Mudra: Barrelled Abdominal Technique (Tadagi Mudra), Great Separating Attitude  (Maha Bheda Mudra)

Mantra: Ram