rainbow-bridge-in-heartMeditation is a practise that leads to a state of consciousness to bring forth, inner peace, clarity, bliss and spiritual awakening.

Our normal state of mind is constantly thinking in an uncontrolled manner.  Our mind tends to bounce from one thought to another and then follows through with emotional and physical reactions to these thoughts.  Even the same thoughts can generate a different reaction at different times depending on the path the mind takes.  For instance we may like a certain food and on seeing the food we begin to look forward to eating it and enjoying it.  Where by on another day, we may see the same food and not want to eat it at all and may even think we don’t even like that particular food anymore.  At other times we can also become a slave to our own thoughts by constantly thinking over the same thoughts for a period of time until our minds are distracted to think about something else.

The majority of our thoughts we have during our waking day are thoughts we have had before, we constantly re-think, re-live the same thoughts over and over again in our daily lives.  This constant thinking process can create a great deal of inner tension and dis-ease in the body especially if the thoughts we are having do not support us. 

Meditation techniques can be used as a transformational tool; where by you can learn to use your mind as an instrument so you can become its master rather than being its slave.

The Benefits Gained From Regular Meditation Practise

  • Inner peace and harmony
  • Greater confidence and self control
  • Improved ability to let go of negative emotions
  • Improved personal relationships
  • Improved health
  • Improved concentration and focus
  • Greater inspiration and creativity
  • Better quality of life
  • Spiritual awakening.

At Yoga Akasha, Lamanda systematically teaches guided meditation techniques to students who have experienced Yoga and want to take their practise a little deeper.  The more experienced the student becomes, the practise becomes more solitary and can be practised without a guide.



Through the depths of muddy water, rises up the lotus flower,on it’s path towards purity and light.

On reaching the waters surface, each petal unfolds itself to be illuminated in the light of the sun.

Through the depths of our lifetime, we too, like the lotus flower, can rise up out of the darkness of ignorance.

Elevating ourselves towards purity and light to reach our full potential of infinite awareness, understanding and knowledge of “all that is” illuminated within ourselves.